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Cleaning Power without the harsh chemicals

We use a product that smells clean and citrusy without being overwhelming/ using harsh chemicals.

The cleaning product we use in your home

Better life is a great cleaning product that leaves your house smelling like citrus minus the harsh chemical smell. It is Allergy friendly, dog friendly and best of all child friendly. 


Hepa filtration and allergy reducing

 The Sebo is a German made vacuum that uses a HEPA bag system that reduces allergens in the home. Using this system in conjunction with good servicing habits helps us to keep your house as clean as possible. Removing dirt and debris while minimizing contamination across homes is our goal. 


Steam action!

Lemon and Lavender uses the Shark steam mops on tile floors. However we are working on obtaining a steam system that will be able to be used as a multi surface cleaning machine! We cant wait to share the steam secret with our customers. 


What we do with wood

Bona is an amazing wood and Laminate floor cleaning product. Lemon & Lavender uses a pad floor mop system with multiple pads so that we can get your house truly clean. We use Bona floor cleaner for both Laminate and hard wood. Best part its an allergy, dog, and child friendly cleaning product. 



Residential Services

Residential Services

Residential Services

Whether you need a regularly scheduled  cleaning service, or you just need some help catching up on your home maintenance or some spring cleaning , we can help! We also specialize in cleaning around medical supplies and use only environmentally friendly products. 


Commercial Services

Residential Services

Residential Services

From retail locations , Drs offices, and day care facilities to business offices, we bring the experience and attention to detail that you expect and need for your business. 


Event Services

Residential Services

Event Services

Extra attention is needed before and after an event. Our experienced staff can make sure that you are ready to go before an event and help things return to normal when the event is done.